Elisa Ferrell

Elisa Ferrell

Currently serving on the Huntsville CIty Schools Board of Education. Ferrell served as President of the Huntsville Council of PTAs from 2012-2014. She received the National Legislative Advocacy award by National PTA. She was President of the Grissom High PTSA, the Grissom Building Programming Committee and the Huntsville City Schools Policy Committee. She also volunteered at Mountain Gap Elementary and Farley Elementary. Ferrell is a graduate of Scripps College. Ferrell was elected to the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education in late 2014. In the fall of 2018 she was unopposed on the ballet, so she was re-elected. Her term expires in 2022.

Elisa Ferrell - Serving Huntsville
Board of Education

Elected to represent Huntsville's District 3. She was selected board president in late 2016.


In the fall of 2018, the Huntsville Board of Education elected new officers and Ferrell was not re-elected as President on the Board of Education. Without a leadership role, she's really no longer a spokesperson for anything.

Community Foundation

As the Donor Services Coordinator, Elisa assists donors give to local non-profits.

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